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Here are a few tips to help you manage life and take care of yourself:

  • Choose your battles, and your priorities, wisely. In this field, we're used to doing it all, but here is a gentle reminder that some things really can get done without us.
  • Do not let perfection be the enemy of good. Your commitment to quality may be what makes you an outstanding leader, but unrealistic expectations can prevent you from achieving perfectly acceptable results.
  • Turn off the news. With the constant feed of information, it's easy to get overwhelmed, depressed or detached. Balance your need to stay informed with a reasonable amount of input time. It is still possible to stay up to date without being bombarded every hour.
  • Self-care needs to go beyond a bubble bath and a glass of wine. Build healthy habits and create a way of life rather than an occasional treat.
  • Seasonal depression is real this time of year especially with all the gray. So if your symptoms feel like more than a passing mood, seek help.

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Photo by Lisa Fotios