Family therapy and counseling


Mental Health Counselors for Children, Adults, Families, and Couples.

Our Therapy Center offers quality counseling and mental health services, including individual, family and marital therapy, grief counseling, and more. Experienced therapists work closely with clients to help them identify, assess, and meet their needs and goals. We empower clients to build and strengthen meaningful relationships with themselves and others.

We also provide therapy in some local schools. Please contact us at 859-331-0821 for more information about this and our other services.

The Therapy Center is a Trauma Informed Care agency with an emphasis on interventions, decision-making, and infrastructure designed to promote healthy relationships based on self-care, safety, compassion, and understanding of the unique experiences of children, families, and staff.

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Take Time for Yourself

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Do not let stress control your life! Take time to identify ways to decrease your stress, in order to enjoy the moments that you have. Each day take the Wellness challenge, find 20 minutes to rest, relax, and rejuvenate. By daily practicing ways to become less stressed, you will be more present for your family, friends, clients, colleagues, and most importantly yourself.

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Reduce Anxiety and Depression

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Research has demonstrated the benefits of gratitude, including improved sleep, reduced anxiety and depression, increased energy, and feeling more or improved social connectedness. Take time each day to think about things you are grateful for in your personal lives, your jobs, and in or about yourselves. Identifying good things that have happened and your part in them builds resilience and optimism.

If you are ready to change your life, call us today at 859-331-0821.

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